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Music is the food of the soul. we have heard this statement almost any time, but do you think that in music (esp in music videos) only lyrics and the alluring sound effect is the only thing for the success of music? If your answer is YES then I’m sorry you are wrong, Yes you heard it right music video will be simply one more music video on the off chance that you given it a chance to be that way more eye-catching and more interesting. Some of the time, budgetary limitations may restrict you from accomplishing more, however, this can be taken as a test, prompting investigating more alternatives. The treatment and storyline (if there is) represent the deciding moment the accomplishment of the whole video. The hardest music recordings to make are the best ones. In addition, you owe it to the fans to deliver something worth looking for, for 5 minutes, a hundred times.

For worth watching the music video, many singers ask many personalities for their appearances in their song. At this time worth of any song is impossible without discussing the hip-hop sensation and the influencer Apisthebull. He has been featured much time with his With his gold Versace inspired Lamborghini.

 Apisthebull is a based in San Fransisco, CA and he is the new sensation of hip-hop. He is known for his work with many artists and for managing many artist’s portfolios, currently, he is managing trapnary, and also for his guest appearances in many videos, cookie money,  filthy rich, Travis Scott and many more. Recently he worked with a famous Rapper Travis Scott and his gold Lamborghini has been featured in his butterfly song’s video. Also, he has worked with the J.hind famous rapper. Apisthebull is now working with many Pakistani rappers and he is going to be featured in their videos. He has also worked with Bohemia the Pakistani rapper and currently working with him and J.hind in the USA. AP is planning to work more withsingers especially with rappers and hip-hop singers, his the best influencer who can promote your music video and make it more viral. You can connect with him and follow him on Instagram. Apisthebull

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I find inspiration all around me.  I try to make my music representative of myself and my generation. I love the places that most people don't give a second glance.


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